BillQuick at the Sleeter Conference 2009

November 20, 2009

There is no more highly motivated, knowledge-hungry professional than a member of the Sleeter Consultant Network (SCN). To say exhibiting and speaking at the annual Sleeter Conference is an enjoyable three days  — and a very tiring time — is to understate how much all of us at BQE look forward to the annual Sleeter Group event.

The Conference draws hundreds of Sleeter consultants — QuickBooks Pro Advisors, Peachtree Consultants, Accountants, IT Consultants and other professionals. These are the same people who serve existing and potential BillQuick customers. Most are advanced certified by Intuit, and many also work hard to gain additional certification from the Sleeter Group (a still higher level of knowledge).

For the past 7 years, BQE Software has shared insights into BillQuick and other topics at the conference. We also exhibit and sponsor events. The conference gives us the opportunity to expand and deepen BillQuick’s knowledge among Sleeter Consultants. In turn, they become more aware of BillQuick as a solution for their customers.

Many attendees also evaluate BillQuick for their own companies. As the lightbulbs of knowledge radiate brighter and brighter, most realize they have 5, 10, 20 or more clients who can benefit from BillQuick. Some see entirely new marketing opportunities. Most sign up as new BillQuick Resellers.

BQE’s partnership with the Sleeter Group provides benefits to SCN members and to new resellers recruited by BQE. For example, BQE waives the annual reseller membership fee ($495) for Sleeter Consultants.  They pay only one membership fee to Sleeter and become a BillQuick Reseller with a simple request (and a little paperwork). Their commissions begin immediately. SCN members who choose to become BillQuick Resellers receive the same sales certification training, marketing support and other benefits as other resellers. In fact, many new resellers present BillQuick to one or more clients within 30 days of joining (and before completing certification training). Following our reseller business model, BQE supports and collaborates with the new resellers throughout the entire process. You never stand alone!

New BillQuick Resellers who join through BQE also benefit from our Sleeter partnership. They have the option to become a member of the SCN at no charge. They receive a valuable ‘new member’ start-up package, strong community support, and ongoing benefits. In short, you get the substantial benefits of both organizations for one annual membership fee.

Bottom Line: We like talking to current and future BillQuick customers and resellers. Our company is based on a simple model: When you’re successful, we’re successful.


84% of BillQuick Customers

November 20, 2009

In a recent anonymous poll of our Customers, 84% said they would recommend BillQuick to other professionals without hesitation.

When you include others who would “probably” recommend or “might” recommend BillQuick to professionals like themselves, the number jumps above 90%.

The BillQuick Customers who responded to the poll included accountants, architects, engineers, IT consultants, computer consultants and attorneys — a wide range of professionals.

BillQuick Advisors in Action

June 4, 2009

BillQuick Advisors are out working with their clients. New and upgrade sales in May 2009 were over 158% higher than April. This continues the trend of month-over-month higher sales by BillQuick resellers.

This indicates the economy is turning around for professional firms. Not only accounting firms are investing in BillQuick, but also law firms, engineering firms, architectural firms and others.

In April, BillQuick’s most active resellers were

  • Kara R. Haas, CPA (top seller of the month)
  • Paul J. Davidian & Company
  • Technology Solutions Associates

In May, the most active resellers were:

  • The Attivo Group (top seller of the month)
  • Being in Balance, Betty Van Dyck (close second for May)
  • Balanced Bookkeeping, Heidi Triezenberg Morgan
  • Deemer Dana Froehle, CPAs

Thanks to all of you for great advising!

Sample BillQuick 2009 Available to Advisors

March 18, 2009

BQE Software Releases BillQuick 2009 with Features that Help Businesses Offset Economic Slowdown with Improved Productivity.

Los Angeles, March 18, 2009:  BQE Software Inc, the innovative leader in Time Billing & Project Management solutions, announced today the release of BillQuick 2009, a major upgrade to the affordable business software application that simplifies time tracking, project management and billing. Focused on maximizing billable hours in professional firms, the latest version gives businesses the ability to do more with less time and resources.

To survive the current economic slowdown, businesses must optimize processes and eliminate all overheads related to repetitive tasks. BillQuick 2009 is packed with features to achieve process optimization and therefore offset the slowdown with improved productivity.” says Shafat Qazi, President and CEO of BQE Software.

(See the full press release.)


As part of your membership in the BillQuick Reseller Program, you can request sample licensed copies of BillQuick and add-on modules. The software is licensed to your company (with “Sample” in the company name). Please send an email requesting BillQuick 2009 and other modules to the Channel Manager.

Training Announcement – Billing with BillQuick

March 6, 2009

Here’s are three things we all know to be true:

  • Sending the right bills at the right time for the right amounts is essential for a strong cash flow.
  • The invoice format must effectively communicate what is owed
  • An invoice projects your firm’s professionalism and high value to the client.

In the 2-hour training webinar on Thursday, March 19, 2009, at 9 a.m. Pacific Time , a BillQuick Certified Trainer covers key BillQuick elements as well as the flow of information into invoices. You will learn everything from generating a billing record through billing decisions. You will learn how to create invoices for a variety of billing situations — hourly, fixed fee, recurring, percent complete, phased billing, joint invoices, etc. Your BillQuick Certified Trainer steps you through batch billing, on-screen billing and off-line billing, as well as how to create manual invoices.

To gain the most out of BillQuick, shorten your billing cycle, and improve your productivity, sign up for Billing with BillQuick.

To do our part, we reduced the price for the March 19th training more than 55% off the list price ($350). You pay only $145 per person. This training earns you 3 CPE credits.

Pre-Release BillQuick 2009 Available

March 6, 2009

The pre-release version of BillQuick 2009 is available for download. Also “What’s New in 2009” demo are available along with a summary page.  (See the links below.) Fifteen of the top features (from among 200 new and improved features) include:

  1. Simple Expense Log: A brand new Simple Expense Log screen allows you to enter expense quickly and easily.
  2. Dash Board: A brand new dashboard available from the View menu to display your business Key Performance Indicators. Each widget in the dashboard has its own refresh time setting.
  3. Reports Customization: Enhancement in Report Viewer toolbar. Tools available that will allow you to customize reports, change fonts, colors and email as Word, Excel or PDF.
  4. Report Filters: Ability to filter by discrete items instead of the “From and To” range when applying filters to the reports.
  5. Vendor Bill: Ability to create a vendor bill automatically from un-billed time and expense data.
  6. Spell Check: A brand new global spell checker that can spell check Description and Memo fields in time and expense data. Available from Sheet View, Simple Timecard, Expense Log, Simple Expense Log, Reviewer and Billing Review.
  7. Custom Invoice Number Per Project: Ability to specify custom invoice numbering sequence per project.
  8. Retainage + New Contract Types: In BillQuick 2009 we have introduced two new contract types. “Cost + Fixed Fee” and “Cost + Percentage”. In addition you now have the ability to specify “Retainage” percentage per project.
  9. Allocate Hours by Activity Group: The self-policing feature has been improved. You can now assign hours to any employee without having to specify a specific Activity. Instead you can specific an Activity Group or “All” activities.
  10. QuickBooks GL Accounts per Project: Ability to assign separate GL accounts per Project for all invoice items + Retainer collected and applied.
  11. Assigning Made Easy: We have added the new “Assign” tab to the Employee and Project Screen. Makes assigning Project Control or Employee Control items easy.
  12. Expense Part of the Contract: If your fee includes expense, you can now manage such contracts by simply selcting the “Exp Part of Contract” rule on the Project screen’s Detail tab.
  13. Company: Closing Date in company screen prevents editing of items older than closing date. Impacts Time, Expenses, Invoices and Payments.
  14. SMTP Support: You can now specify your SMTP Server (Outgoing mail server) info and have BillQuick bypass Outlook when sending email.
  15. New Themes: Last but not the least, Check out the new themes in User Preferences screen. Please let us know if you like the default “Pear” theme.
  16. File Linking: Ability to link documents to your time and expense data and many other records including employee, project, vendor bill, purchase order etc.

To view the What’s New in BillQuick 2009 demos, click here.

To review the What’s New in 2009 summary page, click here.

To download a copy of pre-release copy of BillQuick 2009, click here.

A few items more:

  • BillQuick 2009 does not overwrite BillQuick 2008 or earlier versions. It installs into its own folder.
  • When you first start-up BillQuick 2009, it will “see” your 2008 (or earlier) database and ask if you want to upgrade it for BillQuick 2009. This does not change your original database.
  • You can answer No to the ‘upgrade database’ question and work with the sample databases in BillQuick (for up to 30 days in Evaluation Mode).

Your feedback is very much welcome.


Computing the Ideal Bill Rate

January 28, 2009

Many firm owners and managers do not take into account all the key elements that make up an ideal bill rate for an employee. As their advisor, you want to impress them with the depth of value you bring to the table . . . and that you are practical in your approach.

This short video identifies the key elements, including overhead multiplier and utilization rate, and show you how to compute the ideal rate using information that’s readily at hand. It is practical, proven way to compute the ideal bill rate without getting so deep into concepts and details that your clients’ eyes gloss over.

After watching the video, proactively talk to your clients. Help them not only survive the current economic times, but thrive now and more so when the business cycle turns up again. Of course, fine tune the approach to their needs.

Click here to watch the video.